What Makes 360 Professional Sports Image Unique


Paradigm Sports Group (Holding Company - Parent) is a company who has a suite of consulting services developing athletes to embody a CEO mindset providing a variety of tools creating a trajectory of success in their sports careers and thereafter from their youth thru adult-hood.

 360 Professional Sports Image Multi-faceted sports management firm with expertise in marketing, athlete representation, brand management, endorsement and acquisition. Our primary focus is to go beyond representation of the athlete cultivating existing strengths and developing opportunities maximizing a players brand and sports-lifecycle.

360 Cares Non-profit arm of Paradigm consulting amateur athletes thru the first phases of their sports lifecycle aligning the scholastic, athletic and community engagement creating a 360 student athlete.  


Create an ever evolving sports life cycle for athletes from their adolescent years to adult hood. Exposing our clients to multi-faceted areas of development facilitating success both on and off the field.

Sports Life Cycle (Definition: The evolving lifespan of an athlete)

Tailored Sports Life-Cycle (Definition: Process for Strategic Planning through the sequence of stages that an amateur athlete to professional athlete transitions through. This Strategic Plan evolves over time aligning life events during athletic career with an action plan mitigating risk and maximizing ultimate potential) 

Sport Life-Cycle Assessment (Definition: The analysis of the current placement in which an athlete sits in the lifespan of their Sports Life Cycle.)

About Our Team

Ray Piquion
Founding Partner
Malcom Waters
Founding Partner
Cephus Richard III
Managing Partner
HeadShot Grippo
Mike Grippo
Managing Partner