Ray Piquion

Founding Partner

Ray Piquion, Founding Partner & CFO, BS, Florida State University, MBA in Global Management, University of Phoenix: A 4-year letterman at FSU, Ray was selected as a free agent to the Jacksonville Jaguars Organization. 10 years of post-football experience at Fortune 500 Companies in Commercial Real Estate, at General Electric Company and Wells Fargo Capital Finance. In Commercial Real Estate, Ray negotiated multimillion-dollar transactions in South Florida. He led a team of 20 underwriters who managed a $200 Million portfolio that was acquired by a National Bank. At GE, Ray started in the risk organization saving the company more than $6 million by reducing company risk exposure and bad debt assets. From there, Ray successfully transition from Risk into Finance and Operations managing an IT portfolio with $500 Million in assets. From there, Ray joined the commercial sales organization where he drove over $30 Million in new sales over a 12 month period earning Ray top ranks in that calendar year. For Ray’s accomplishments, he was selected by executive leadership to take part in the world-renown Crotonville Leadership Program (Foundations of Leadership), Sales Talent Development Program and created the Leadership Program “The Growth Academy” that has been adopted as a best practice and is currently used till this day. At Wells Fargo, he provides financing for Mergers & Acquisitions, Cash Flow and Working Capital Solutions for companies ranging from middle market to publically traded organizations. Ray contributes his proven track record of success to the foundations learned on the field. His experience in risk, finance and sales makes him a firm negotiator listening to the “VOC” voice of the client and working relentlessly to maximize 360 client’s earning potential.